Usaola García, Julio

Abbreviated CV


Electrical Engineer (1987) and PhD in Electrical Engineering (1990) in the Polytechnical University of Madrid. Research interests: Integration of renewables in Power Systems and Electricity markets.

Recent publications


  • Combined hydro wind generation bids in a pool-based electricity market, Electric Power Systems Research, 2009.
  • Wind energy in electricity markets with high wind penetration, Electrical Power Research Trends. Nova Publishers, 2008.
  • Analysis of a wind farm’s revenue in the British and Spanish markets, Energy Policy, 2007.
  • Optimal security-constrained power scheduling by Benders decomposition, Electric Power Systems Research, 2007.
  • Security-constrained optimal generation scheduling in large-scale power systems, IEEE Trans. on Power Systems, 2006.

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Av. de la Universidad, 30
28911 Leganés (Madrid), Spain
Fax: +34 916 249 430