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PhD Thesis topics


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PhD Topics




Should the candidates be interested in any of the proposals, please contact directly with the supervisors.


See here Abstracts and References


Selección de factores de riesgo en la dependencia y longevidad


Irene Albarrán y Aurea Grané


Improving stochastic model search by analyzing algoritihm outcomes with non-parametric Bayesian methods


Stefano Cabras y Mike Wiper


Bayesian estimation for generalized state space models


Juan Miguel Marin y Helena Veiga


New estimators of realized variance and applications to financial predictability


Helena Veiga


On time series clustering


Daniel Peña y Andrés M. Alonso


Applications of the functional Mahalanobis semi-distance


Rosa Lillo y Pedro Galeano


Multivariate Directional quantiles in Finance and/or Hydrology


Rosa Lillo


New approaches to competitivensess and efficiency modeling in football!


Helena Viega, Michael Wiper y Juan de Dios Tena


Advances in Bayesian stochastic frontier analysis and applications to finance


Michael Wiper, Helena Veiga y Sofía Ramos


Smart meters in Smart grids: profile characterization and anomaly detection for optimal managament of renewable resources


Javier Nogales y Carlos Ruiz


Air pollution and traffic in Smart cities; hierarchical and spatial forecasting


Javier Nogales y Carlos Ruiz


Electricity demand and prices: hierarchical and probabilistic forecasting


Javier Nogales y Carlos Ruiz


Flexible modelling of high-dimensional directional data


Michael Wiper y Eduardo García Portugués