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The Department of Statistics offers the following Quality European Graduate Studies:

The Graduate Program in Business Administration and Quantitative Methods is offered jointly with the Department of Business Administration. The language of instruction is English. The program is composed of a Master Program, which consists of two years of coursework, and a PhD Program, which lasts for approximately three years and consists of a supervised doctoral dissertation. The mission of the program is to develop leading scholars in finance, management, marketing, accounting, operations research, statistics and econometrics for careers in research and teaching at leading universities and business schools.

The Graduate Program in Mathematical Engineering is composed of a Master in Mathematical Engineering Program and a PhD in Mathematical Engineering Program. The program aims to provide students with the necessary tools to face technological or scientific problems by means of: sound mathematical, physical and statistical foundations; mathematical modelling; analysis and numerical solution of models; validation of models and results. The program is offered jointly with the Dept. of Material Science, Metallurgic Engineering and Chemical Engineering, the Dept. of Mathematics, and the Dept. of Thermal Fluid Engineering.