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Elisa María Molanes López


Última actualización: 12/02/2014

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Assistant Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid since 2007.
Degree in Mathematics at Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (2000) and Ph.D. at Universidad de A Coruña (2007).

Fields of Interest

  • Survival analysis (LTRC data).
  • Two-sample problems.
  • Non-parametric estimation of relative curves (relative density, relative distribution, ROC curve and relative hazard rate).
  • Plug-in and bootstrap bandwidth selectors.
  • Empirical Likelihood.


  • Statistics (Telecommunication Engineering).
  • Statistics (Communication System Engineering). 
  • Statistics (Audiovisual System Engineering). 
  • Statistics I (Industrial Engineering).
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Phone: +34 91 6246205
Fax: +34 91 6249177
Office: 7.3.J.19 (Leganés)

Recent Publications

  • “Inference of the Youden index and associated threshold using empirical likelihood for quantiles'' (with E. Letón). Statistics in Medicine, 30 (2011), pp. 2467-2480.
  • "Smoothed empirical likelihood confidence intervals for the relative distribution with left-truncated and right-censored data'' (with R. Cao and I. Van Keilegom). The Canadian Journal of Statistics, 38 (2010), pp. 453-473.
  • "Empirical likelihood for non-smooth criterion functions'' (with I. van Keilegom and N. Veraverbeke). Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 36 (2009), pp. 413-432.