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Stefano Cabras


Última actualización: 09/10/2017

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Visiting Ramón y Cajal professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) since 2011 and Research Professor at University of Cagliari (Italy) since 2005.

Degree in Economics (1999) at University of Cagliari (Italy), Master in Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University (PA-USA, 2003) and PhD in Statistics at University of Florence (Italy, 2004). Visiting professor at the Department of Statistics of UC3M (2004-2005).

Fields of Interest

Objective Bayesian Inference based on pseudo-likelihoods with applications to extreme value analysis and estimation of asymmetry
Bioinformatics. Association studies for human genetics isolates with known inbreeding.
Biometrics. Statistical models for evaluating the sexual dimorphism related to variance and asymmetry.
Robotics. Contact state estimation for industrial robots.


  • Statistics I
  • Statistics II


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