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Carmen Aguilera


Última actualización: 24/02/2014

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Born in Córdoba in 1985. Has a degree in Statistics from the Universidad de Jaén in 2006 (with honors), a degree in Science and Statistical Techniques from the Universidad de Granada in 2008 (with honors), a Master in Applied Statistics from the Universidad de Granada in 2009 and a Ph.D. in Statistics from the same university in 2013.

She had a pre-doctoral grant at the department of Statistics and Operations Research of the Universidad de Granada during four years. Now, she is postdoctoral researcher at the department of Statistics of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Her academic and research career has been recognized by various institutions, such as the Spanish Society of Statistics and Operations Research, the Spanish Ministry of Education, the Andalusian Institute of Statistics, the Andalusian Academy of Social Sciences and Unicaja. 

Fields of Interest

  • Penalized functional principal component analysis.
  • Penalized functional linear models.
  • Penalized functional PLS regression.
  • Penalized functional logit regression model.
  • P-splines in FDA.


  • Applied Statistics (Social Sciences).
  • Statistics (Engineering).
Carmen Aguilera

Phone: +34 91 624 9179
Fax: +34 91 624 9177
Office: 7.3.J.25 (Juan Benet Building, Leganés)

Recent Publications

  • Functional PCA and base-line logit models (2014), Journal of classification, DOI:10.1007/s00357- (with M. Escabias and A. Aguilera).
  • Comparative study of different B-splines approaches for functional data (2013), Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 58(7-8), 1568-1579 (with A. Aguilera).
  • Penalized PCA approaches for B-spline expansions of smooth functional data (2013), Applied Mathematics and Computation, 219(14), 7805-7819 (with A. Aguilera).
  • Penalized spline approaches for functional logit Regression (2013), TEST, 22(2), 251-277 (with A. Aguilera, M. Escabias and M. J. Valderrama).