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News (list of news)

Según el ranking QS la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid es la mejor para estudiar Estadística e Investigación Operativa

New paper by Maury Bramson, B. D'Auria and Neil Walton in Operations Research.

New paper by Ignacio Cascos and our former Chair of Excellence Professor Ilya Molchanov in Mathematical Finance.

New paper by Peña and Yohai in Journal of the American Statistical Association

New paper by Nieto, Peña and Saboy in Statistica Sinica

New paper by Alonso, A.M., Bastos, G. and García-Martos, C. in Energies

New paper by Avagyan, Alonso and Nogales, in Advances in Data Analysis and Classification

New paper by Corona, Poncela and Ruiz in Empirical Economics

New paper by Germán López Buenache in Applied Economics Letters

New paper by Elizabeth A. Maharaj, Andrés M. Alonso and Pierpaolo D’Urso in Communications in Statistics – Case Studies and Data Analysis

Carlos Ruiz has received the award "EJOR 2016, Best Paper Awards: Best Innovative Application of OR" for the paper "Contract design and supply chain coordination in the electricity industry" (with F. Olivera and A. Conejo) at EURO conference 2016.

New paper by Irene Albarrán, Pablo Alonso and Ana Arribas in Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society).

New paper by M. Carmen Aguilera-Morillo, María Durbán and Ana. M. Aguilera in Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment.

New paper by M. Carmen Aguilera-Morillo, Ana. M. Aguilera and Cristian Preda in Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems

New paper by Alonso, A.M., Pérez, R.H. and Silva, E. in Communications in Statistics – Case Studies and Data Analysis.

This year, the Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Business (Grado en Estadística y Empresa) has been reviewed for an accreditation process carried out by Fundación para el Conocimiento Madri+d, that if positive allows its registration in the RUCT (Registro de Universidades, Centros y Títulos ) for the next 6 years. Recently the Fundación para el Conocimiento Madri+d released the final report and the evaluation has been very positive, as shown by the absence of recommendations from the review panel. The dean wants to publicly thank all the participants (professors, administrative staff, students and the university as a whole) for their determinant contribution in this process.

New paper by X. Mei, V. DeMiguel and F.J. Nogales in the Journal of Banking and Finance

New paper by H. Torabi, N.H. Montazeri and A. Grané. in SORT

New paper by I. Adan y B. D'Auria in SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics.

New paper by M. Carmen Aguilera-Morillo, María Durbán and Ana. M. Aguilera in Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment.

The research center ICMAT, has got for a second time the Severo Ochoa Excellence Grant. The UC3M is a member of the center, moreover the ICAMT's Severo Ochoa project aims to consolidate a Probability Statistics and Operation Research laboratory and consulting unit of which Isabel Molina and Bernardo D'Auria are part of.

New paper by Aurea Grané and Rosario Romera in Sociological Methods & Research

New paper invited paper by Paul Eilers, Brian Marx and Maria Durban in SORT-Statistics and Operations Research Transactions

New paper by S.M. Barbosa , S. Gouveia, M.G. Scotto and A.M. Alonso in Mathematical Geosciences

New paper by R.Flores, E.Molina and J.Tejada in Decision Support Systems



Próximos Seminarios

    Miércoles (Wednesday) 22, 

    Eustasio del Barrio (Universidad de Valladolid)

    Robust clustering tools based on optimal transportation 

    Hora (time): 13:00 h, Lugar (place): Sala Costas Goutis (10.0.23)- Getafe

    Más información 

Cátedras de Excelencia en Estadística

  • 2016: Marc Hallin (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Bégica): presentación
  • 2015: Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera (University of California, Riverside USA): presentación
  • 2014: Paul H.C.Eilers (Erasmus University Medical Centre, Netherlands): presentación
  • 2013: David Veredas (Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Bélgica): presentación
  • 2012: Rubén Zamar (University of British Columbia, Canadá): presentación
  • 2011: Ilya Molchanov (Univ. of Bern, Suiza): presentación
  • 2010: Mark F. J. Steel (Univ. of Warwick, UK): video entrevista - video conferencia
  • 2009: Andrew Harvey (University of Cambridge, UK): video

Grado en Estadística y Empresa

Formación Postgrado


Dpto. Estadística

Directora: Rosa E. Lillo

Subdirectora: Elisenda Molina

Secretario: Ignacio Cascos


  • Gema García
  • Francisco García-Saavedra
  • Susana Linares

E-Mail: pinchar
+34 91 6249848/47 (Getafe)
+34 91 6249177 (Leganés)
Despacho: 10.1.09B (Getafe) y 7.3.J13 (Leganés)
C/ Madrid, 126 - 28903 Getafe (Madrid) Spain