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Prof.ª Louise Gullifer

Última actualización: 14/05/2014

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Compulsory central clearing of OTC derivatives: the changing face of the provision of collateral

Professor of law. Oxford University

Louise Gullifer has been teaching at Oxford since 1991. Before that she practised at the Commercial Bar in chambers at 3 Gray's Inn Place (now 3 Verulam Buildings), under her maiden name (Louise Edwards). She remains an honorary member of those chambers. She teaches Roman law, Contract law, Commercial Law, Corporate Finance law and Corporate Insolvency law and is the senior law tutor at Harris Manchester College. From 1994-97 she was a Fellow of Brasenose College. She is Chair of the University Student Disciplinary Panel and has been the Oxford Law Faculty Development Co-ordinator.

Her research interests focus broadly on commercial law and corporate finance. She has co-authored books on security and title financing and corporate finance, and is presently co-authoring books on personal property and set-off in arbitration. She is particularly interested in financial collateral and intermediated securities, and recently delivered a Current Legal Problems lecture on financial collateral. She is a member of the Executive Committee of the Secured Transaction Law Reform Project and is also the Oxford Law Faculty Academic Lead for the Cape Town Convention Academic Project.

El seminario tendrá lugar el Miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2014 a las 12'00 hs. en la Sala 4.0.19 (Edificio Gómez de la Serna. Campus de Getafe). Información general del campus

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