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Prof.ª Annina H. Persson

Última actualización: 19/09/2014

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“The debt situation among Swedish families. Solutions and proposals”

Prof.ª Annina H. Persson
Professor in Law. Örebro University.

Professor Annina Persson teaches Private Law at Örebro University since 2008, where she is the Dean of the Department of Law and also the Vice Dean for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science. Before that she was Senior lecturer at Stockholm University and Junior Judge at the Administrative County Court of Stockholm. She has been guest professor in different universities and institutions and has represented Sweden at UNICITRAL in meetings regarding Insolvency Law.

She is an expert in Consumer and Insolvency Law. She has broadly researched in these fields and has published extensively in Swedish and English on insolvency, over indebtedness, debt restructuring and guarantees, but has also studied many other private Law subjects (ex. non domino acquisitions, use of human biological material, banking practices,…). She is currently particularly interested on the legal issues affecting energy and the regulatory energy framework and its consequences for consumers, for the environment and for the society in general.


El seminario tendrá lugar el jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014 a las 12'30 hs. en la Sala 4.0.19 (Edificio Gómez de la Serna. Campus de Getafe). Información general del campus

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