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Law Summer



The program offers three courses, one in Comparative Family Law, one in Transnational Business Law, and one in Regulation of Business in the European Union. These courses offer unique opportunities for students to experience the law and policy of the European Union to come alive in a way that is not possible at Seattle University. Given the economic crises facing the EU, policy will play a key role in the critical analysis of the law. The learning experience of students will be enhanced because law students from different countries can enroll in the courses. Thus, students will exchange ideas with other students from the host country in class and have an opportunity to perhaps connect with these students outside of class. All students will be fluent in English. The courses will be taught in English.

Students choose one of the following courses:

  • Comparative Family Law
  • Transnational Business Law
     This program is accredited by the 
     American Bar Association.
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