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Application of the PETL in the Spanish Legal System


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As it is happening with other aspects of Private Law, non-contractual liability is under analysis and new proposals are being made at the European level; although for the time being only by scholars.  This entails an encounter of different legal traditions and an update in particular aspects of Tort Law.    Being the Spanish non-contractual liability system built almost exclusively on a general clause (article 1.902 of the Civil Code) it was foreseeable that our scholars and our courts would use a tool like the  Principles of EuropeanTort Law  (PETL) to inspire themselves and to update the Spanish "Tort" Law.   The main goal of this group is to study the way in which the Spanish courts have used the  PETL for these purposes.

Group Members

Principal Researcher:

Group Members:

  • Espada Mallorquín, Susana

European Private Law Seminar

European Private Law Seminar "Principles of European Tort Law and non-contractual liability". September-November 2011

Results of Research

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