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Maricia Fischer-Souan

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Estudiante de Doctorado

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Maricia Fischer-Souan is a PhD student in the department of Social Sciences. She wrote her Masters
dissertation on “The Road to United Europe: From Idea to Interpretation,” which focused on political
discourse and public opinion surrounding the first steps toward European unification in the wake of the Second World War. She is further developing her interest in the idea of Europe and European identity in her PhD dissertation, which sheds some light on how non-European migrants living in the European Union experience and perceive Europe as well as their place in their societies of residence and origin. In the context of her fieldwork, she carries out in-depth interviews with individuals born in South America, North Africa and South Asia (mainly Ecuador, Algeria and India) who have settled in London, Madrid and Paris.

Research themes

European integration; European identity, international migration and mobility; collective memory and national identity; and post-colonial legacies.


Sociology and Political Science seminars in Spanish and English: Classical Sociological Theory; Structure and Social Change; and Globalization and Society.

Scholarships and awards

PIF doctoral scholarship, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2013-2017).
Michael Oakeshott prize for best dissertation in European Studies: Ideas and Identities, European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science (2010).