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Margarita Torre Fernández

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Assistant professor

Email: margarita.torre@
External calls: +34-91 624 5858
Internal calls: 15858
Despacho: 18.2.D.09


Roberto Garvia

I am a growth-oriented and motivated professional specialized in quantitative and statistical analysis. I hold a PhD in Sociology (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and a Master in Big Data & Data Science (AFI Escuela de Finanzas).

 My academic research examines occupational patterns in the labor market. I have thoroughly studied occupational mobility, individual careers, and workplace inequalities. I am also interested in organizational characteristics and occupational well-being. My current research focuses on the study of social networks, machine learning modelling, and natural language processing. Recently, I have been using social media to conduct an experimental investigation into talent retention.

Recent Publications

Torre, Margarita. 2018. “Stopgappers? The Occupational Trajectories of Men in Female-Dominated Occupations”. Work and Occupations (forthcoming)
Torre, Margarita (with Mora, Cristina. & Juan J. Fernández) 2017. “Different Contexts and Trends: Latina Immigrant Fertility in the US and Spain”. International Migration (Early View)
Torre, Margarita. 2017. “Exit from male-dominated occupations: Variation among occupations and women”. Sociological Perspectives. Vol. 60(4) 665 –684
Torre, Margarita. 2017. “Wanting more or wanting less? Mismatches between actual and preferred working hours in Spain, 2005-2014”. Revista Internacional de Sociología 75(2) e061.doi:
Torre, Margarita. 2014. “The scarring effect of ‘women’s work’: The determinants of attrition from male-dominated occupations”. Social Forces 93(1)1-29
Torre, M. 2013. The gap between reach and poor. A reflection on increasing inequality in OECD countries. Revista de Sociología, 20:169-178
Torre, M. and Hierro, M.J. 2011. “¿Querer es poder? Un análisis de la fecundidad de las mujeres españolas e inmigrantes”. Estudios de Progreso. Fundación Alternativas, Madrid

Teaching, 2017-2018

Survey Analysis: M.A. in Political and Electoral Analysis
Quantitative Social Research Methods: Dual B.A. in Political Science and Sociology, B.A. in Sociology, B.A. in Political Science, Dual B.A. in Law and Political Science