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Jacopo Timini

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Estudiante de Doctorado

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Jacopo Timini is a Marie-Curie Research Fellow (ESR) in Macroeconomics and Financial History (MACROHIST project: at University Carlos III – Madrid, where he is also enrolled as PhD student. His doctoral dissertation focuses on monetary unions, with particular attention to international trade and finance aspects. He holds a BA and an MSc in Economics from the University of Venice – Ca’ Foscari, Italy and an MA in European Economic Studies from the College of Europe, Belgium.


Dynamic Forces in Economic Growth (English and Spanish)

Working Papers

• J. Timini, “Do Incomplete Currency Unions Boost Asymmetric Trade Effects: The Case of the Latin Monetary Union, 1860s-1880s”, presented at the Banque de France-Sciences Po Conference: “Economic History and Economic Policy”, Banque de France, Paris, December 2015

Policy Papers

• Pelkmans J., A. Lejour, F. Mustilli and J. Timini (2014), "Economic Incentives for Indirect TTIP Spillovers", CEPS Special Reports No. 94, October.

• Pelkmans J., A. Lejour, J. Timini, F. Mustilli and L. Schrefler (2014), "The Impact of TTIP: The Underlying Economic Model and Comparisons", CEPS Special Reports No. 93, October.

• Pelkmans J., F. Mustilli, J. Timini (2014), "The Cost of Non-Europe in the Single Market - The Single Market for Services", European Parliamentary Research Service, September.

• Pelkmans J., A. Renda, C. Alcidi, G. Luchetta and J. Timini (2014), "Indicators for Measuring the Performance of the Single Market - Building the Single Market Pillar of the European Semester", European Parliament: Directorate-General for Internal Policies of the Union.

Invited Seminars (as a speaker where indicated)

• Banque de France-Sciences Po-MACROHIST Conference, Economic History and Economic Policy, Banque de France, December 2015 (Speaker: “Do Incomplete Currency Unions Boost Asymmetric Trade Effects: The Case of the Latin Monetary Union, 1860s-1880s”)

• LUISS School of European Political Economy, Seminar: “A New Era for Central Banks?”, LUISS, Rome, November 2015

• 2nd MACROHIST Workshop, Finance and Economic Development, ULB, Brussels, March 2015

• 1st MACROHIST Workshop, The Stock Exchange and the Economy, Graduate Institute of International Studies and Development, Geneva, November 2014 (Speaker: “The Latin Monetary Union: A journey between trade and finance”).

Other Conferences, Workshops, Seminars

• XV “Angelo Costa” Lecture: “The Euro Crisis as a Clash of Cultures or War of Ideas”, LUISS, Rome, November 2015.

• Summer Workshop in International Finance and Macro Finance, Sciences Po Paris - Banque de France - Wisconsin School of Business, Paris, July 2015.

• International Workshop “Cores and peripheries in national capital markets: exploring the role of regional stock exchanges, 19th-20th century” (Pre-session of the World Economic History Congress), Instituto Figuerola and University Carlos III, Madrid, May 2015.