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Comparative Sociology Seminar

Última actualización: 19/11/2013

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Room Costa Goutis 10.0.23
Getafe Campus


  • Wednesday January 29th

Angela Alonso (Universidade de São Paulo)
“Flowers, Ballots, and Bullets: The Movement for the Abolition of Slavery in Brazil”

  • Wednesday February 26th

David Brady (Wissenschaftzentrum Berlin)

  • Wednesday March 19th

Aliya Saperstein (Stanford University)
“The Dynamics of Race and Inequality in the United States”

  • Wednesday April 9th

Gabriel Abend (New York University)
“The Moral Background: An Inquiry on the History of Business Ethics”

  • Wednesday May 7th

Paul Statham(University of Sussex)
“Muslims in Europe: Public Debates versus Social Experiences”

  • Wednesday June 11th

Sarah Quinn (University of Washington)
“America’s Hidden Credit State”


Damon Mayrl