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CALMA Seminar

Última actualización: 30/09/2016

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Programme Fall

The CALMA Project seeks to advance our understanding of international migrants’ incorporatio processes in receiving societies. The CALMA seminar presents frontline research on discrimination, integration and labour market attainment processes to an interdisciplinary audience of social scientists.

The CALMA Seminar will take place on Wednesdays at 12.30hs at the Getafe Campus of Carlos III University, C/ Madrid, 135 Edifo 18. 28.903 - Getafe (Madrid).

All sessions will be held in Building 18, room 18.0.A06 (unless otherwise indicated)


October 19. Judith Rich (IZA) “What do field experiments of discrimination in markets conducted since 2000 tell us?”

October 26. Christina Felfe (University of St. Gallen) “Birthright citizenship: A door opener for immigrant children's integration?”

November 2. Andreas Kotsdam (University of Oslo) “Ancestry culture and local institutions - A study of female labor supply using second generation siblings”

November 9. Klarita Gërxhani (European University Institute). “Status Ranking: A Hidden Channel to Gender Inequality under Competition”

November 16. Mathew Creighton (University College Dublin). “Cosmopolitans, educated liars or both: An experimental approach to assess stigma and support for Muslim immigrants to the Netherlands”

November 23. Emilio Castilla (MIT). “Meritocracy at the Workplace”

November 30. Peter Thisted Dinesen (University of Copenhagen). “Working together? Ethnic diversity in the workplace and social trust”

December 14. Irena Kogan (University of Mannheim). “Ethnic Minority Youth at the Crossroads: Between Traditionalism and Liberal Values”