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Markus Lampe

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Associate Professor

Tel: +34-91 624 5858
Office: 18.2.D.11


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Working papers and Publications



Selected publications

 (with Antonio Tena and Felipe Tâmega) “How Much Trade Liberalization Was There in the World Before and After Cobden-Chevalier?”, Journal of Economic History 72 (2012), pp. 708-740.

(with Ingrid Henriksen and Paul Sharp) “The Strange Birth of Liberal Denmark: Danish trade protection and the growth of the dairy industry since the mid-nineteenth century”, Economic History Review 65 (2012), pp. 770-788.

(with Ingrid Henriksen and Paul Sharp) “The Role of Technology and Institutions for Growth: Danish Creameries in the late Nineteenth Century”. European Review of Economic History 15 (2011), pp. 475-493.

“Explaining nineteenth-century bilateralism: economic and political determinants of the Cobden–Chevalier network”, Economic History Review 64 (2011), pp. 644-668.

“Effects of Bilateralism and the MFN Clause on International Trade: Evidence for the Cobden-Chevalier Network, 1860-1875”, Journal of Economic History 69 (2009), pp. 1012-1040.