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Juan Fernandez

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Associate Professor

External calls: +34-91 624 9614
Internal calls: 29614
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Roberto Garvia

Research Interests

Policy diffusion
Social policy reform
Policy Attitudes

Funded research projects

From experiencing Europe to thinking European? The impact of EU-specific activities on attitudes towards and attachment to the EU
Principal Investigator: Monika Eigmüller and Juan J. Fernández
Funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, 2014-2015.


B.A. in International Studies – Comparative Sociology
B.A. in Economics – Social Theory
B.A. in Political Science and Sociology – Social Structure and Social Change

Recent Publications

Riley, Dylan and Juan J. Fernández. 2014. “Beyond Strong and Weak: Re-Thinking Post-Authoritarian Civil Societies”, American Journal of Sociology, 120, 2, 432-503. Link.

Fernández, Juan J. 2013. “Broad Reciprocity, Elderly Poverty, and the Retiree/Nonretiree Cleavage in the Demand for Public Retirement Income Support”, Social Problems, 60, 2, 255-280. Link.

Fernández, Juan J. and Antonio M. Jaime-Castillo. 2013. “Positive or Negative Policy Feedbacks? Explaining Attitudes towards Realistic Pension Policy Attitudes”, European Sociological Review, 29, 4, 803-815. Link.

Fernández, Juan J. and Mark Lutter. 2013. “Supranational Cultural Norms, Domestic Value Orientations, and the Diffusion of Same-Sex Union Rights in Europe, 1988–2009”, International Sociology, 28, 1, 101-118. Link.

Fernández, Juan J. 2012. “Economic Crises, Population Aging and the Electoral Cycle: Explaining Pension Policy Retrenchments in 19 OECD Countries, 1981-2004”, International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 53, 2, 77-96. Link.

Fernández, Juan J. 2012. “Explaining the Introduction of Automatic Pension Indexation Provisions in 17 OECD Countries, 1945-2000”, Journal of European Social Policy, 22, 3, 241-258. Link.