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Manuel Hidalgo (withBenigno Alarcón and Ángel E. Álvarez) (2016), "Can Democracy Win in Venezuela?", Journal of Democracy, 27(2): 20-34.

Collective religiosity and the gender gap in attitudes towards economic redistribution in 86 countries, 1990–2008. Social Science Research. Volume 57, May 2016, Pages 17–30.


Javier Polavieja "Labour-market competition, recession and anti-immigrant sentiments in Europe: occupational and environmental drivers of competitive threat."Socio-Economic Review.

Recovering Historical Memory: A Struggle against Silence and Forgetting? The Politics of Victimhood in Spain. International Jnl of Transitional Justice Volume 9, Issue 2. pp. 316-335.

Politics, coalitions, and support of farmers, 1920–1975. European Review of Economic History (2016) 20 (1): 102-122.

Going public against institutional constraints? Analyzing the online presence intensity of 2014 European Parliament election candidates. European Union Politics.

(with Pierluigi Contucci) How integrated are immigrants?, Demographic Research, 33, pp.1271-1280.

Leandro Prados de la Escosura was awarded with the  Maddison Chair at the university of Groningen.


Javier Polavieja has been appointed as fellow to of the European Academy of Sociology.


"Economic Crisis and Support for Democracy in Europe" (with Guillermo Cordero) West European Politics, August 2015.

Valiente, Celia. 2015. Social movements in abeyance in non-democracies: The women’s movement in Franco’s Spain. Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change 38:259-90.

Human Development as Positive Freedom: Latin America in Historical Perspective”, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities 16, 3 (2015)

Roberto Garvía has published Esperanto and Its Rivals. The Struggle for an International Language (Philadelphia, Penn: Penn University Press)

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