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Año 2008

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Working Papers in Economic History

08-01 Juan Carlos Rojo Cagigal
On state autonomy : pressure groups and public policy in Britain and Spain in a comparative perspective, 1830s-1930s

08-02 Rojo, Cagigal Juan Carlos
Economic distress and discourse : the rise of a corporatist rhetoric in Northern Spain after World War I

08-03 Tena Junguito, Antonio
Bairoch revisited: tariff structure and growth in the late 19th century

08-04 Rojo, Cagigal Juan Carlos
Choosing a legal framework for Spanish stock markets, 1800-1936

08-05 Bértola, Luis, Cecilia Castelnovo, Javier Rodríguez y Henry Willebald
Income distribution in the Latin American Southern Cone during the first globalization boom, ca: 1870-1920

08-06 Bértola, Luis, María Camou, Silvana Maubrigades y Natalia Melgar
Human Development and Inequality in the 20th Century: the Mercosur Countries in a comparative perspective

08-07 Prados de la Escosura, Leandro y Joan R. Rosés
Long-run Estimates of Physical Capital in Spain, 1850-2000.

08-08 Lains, Pedro, Gomes da Silva, Ester y Guilera, Jordi
Are dictatorships more unequal? Economic growth and wage inequality during Portugal's estado novo, 1944-1974

08-09 O’Rourke, Kevin H., Prados de la Escosura, Leandro y Daudin, Guillaume
Trade and Empire, 1700-1870

08-10 Rosés, Joan y Wolf, Nikolaus
Prosperity and depression in the european economy and during interwar years (1913-1950) : an introduction

08-11 Mora, Juan S.
The institutions of house tenancy markets in post-war Western Europe: an economic analysis

08-12 Prados de la Escosura, Leandro y Joan R. Rosés
Proximate causes of economic growth in Spain, 1850-2000

08-13 Battilossi, Stefano, James Foreman-Peck y Gerhard Kling
European business cycles and economic policy, 1945-2007