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Research Project: Agency, normativity and identity. The presence of self in action

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The aim of this project is to widen the bounds of the underlying structures to the traditional notion of agential autonomy as it is usually found in the Action Theory. The elements we take into account will be, firstly, the epistemic regarding the controversy about slf-knowledge and the alleged transparency of mental states. Secondly, we aim to explore a narrative model of intentions for action within a broader aswell narrative model of agent. Thirdly, we aim to include a social dimension within the framework of the own agential autonomy as following the idea that reasons must be meaningful for others. This widening amounts to a model of agent granting the normativity of reasons, as well as the “presence of the subject” (as owning the action and as expresing her identity through the action). An integration of different levels converging in the production of action would grant this requirements for agency.

From a methodological viewpoint we will tackle these questions –transparency of mental states, narrative model of agent and the social dimension of autonomy- both by conceptual analysis and thought experiments, usual methods of traditional philosophy, and by the new methodos of experimental philosophy that will permit us to test our hypotheses with real agents.


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