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The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid has distinguished itself by making international activity an invaluable part of its pursuit of excellence in teaching and research. One of the University’s main priorities has always been the attraction of talent in order to consolidate the type of university that the university community wants and that society demands. This facet can be clearly seen in the 2010-2015 Strategic Plan and in the Campus of Excellence seal which the University was awarded in its first edition. And, in order to carry out these goals of internationalization and recruitment of talent, the University has always been able to count on the invaluable support of Banco Santander.

In 2007 the two institutions signed an agreement creating the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid-Banco Santander Chairs of Excellence Program. The goal of this program is to promote excellence in research by attracting leading international investigators to the University to help our departments, research institutes and research groups to strengthen and increase their international ties, as well as to improve their technical and scientific skills, develop long-term collaborations and share teaching and research experiences with these renowned researchers. The agreement with Banco de Santander was renewed on May 30, 2011, the Program was extended for four aditional years (2011 - 2014). 

To date there have been five public calls, each with a budget of 1,200,000€, co-financed by both institutions. This has allowed 10 to 20 researchers of international prestige to spend periods of six months or one year, endowed with 60,000€ or 120,000€ depending on the length of their stay.

In these five calls, 92 Chairs of Excellence have been awarded in areas related to the University’s research activities. The researchers selected come from universities, scientific institutes and research organizations which include, among others: MIT, the London School of Economics, the Max Planck Institute, as well as the universities of Chicago, California, Cambridge, Boston, Minnesota, Paris or Stanford. The Appendix provides tables and graphs which indicate the home institutions and countries, as well as the host departments at our University, of the professors which have participated in this program. Updated information on publications and
activities being carried out within this Program can be found at the following:

The contributions made by all of these Chair holders has been extremely important; from their role as researchers, to their work, academic merits, teaching and research which has led to successful joint projects, student exchanges, publications, and so on. The aim of this book is to provide an opportunity to present these professors and their work during their stay here at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.