David E. Newman

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Chairs of Excellence 2012

David E. Newman
University of Alaska, Fairbanks    EEUU

Professor David Newman served with his wife, Prof. Uma Bhatt, in the US Peace Corps, teaching in a rural secondary school in Kenya from 1983-1985.

Following their return he received his PhD in Physics in 1993 from the Univ. of Wisconsin Madison. After graduation he was awarded a Wigner Fellowship followed by appointment as a staff scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Fusion Energy Division from 1993-1998 (receiving the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, 1997).

Prof. Newman joined the Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks Physics faculty in 1998 where he is currently a Full Professor in the Physics Department and the Director of the Center for Complex Systems Studies. He is a fellow of the APS and the author of over 100 refereed publications who is currently doing research dominantly in complex systems ranging from turbulence and transport in plasmas to power transmission grids and infrastructure systems.


Project: Professor David Newman will spend his time at Univ. Carlos III working on a variety of projects related to the broad topic of the dynamics of complex systems, in particular, turbulent systems. One of the main areas of joint research between Prof. Newman and Prof. Raúl Sánchez at Carlos III has been the study of the characteristics of turbulent transport with a focus on the often non-diffusive nature of that transport. During the time Prof.

Newman is at Carlos III he and Prof Sánchez will be writing a book for Springer Verlag on complex systems dynamics in plasmas. At the same time, further research on the nature of turbulent transport in a variety of physical systems from plasmas in stellarators and tokamaks to geophysical systems will be advanced with new techniques and computer models brought to bear on the problem.

This will have implications for the ITER fusion project as well as our fundamental understanding of turbulence. Prof. Newman will offer lectures on some of the many topics in complex systems dynamics.

Stay Period: AUG 12 - JUL 13












Lecturer: David Newman
Title: "Complex Dynamics of the Power Transmission Grid (and other Critical Infrastructures): Implications for risk, growth and control"
Date: February 8 at 11:00h
Place: Aula de Grados -  Padre Soler Building