Giuseppe Marmo

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Chairs of Excellence 2011

Giuseppe Marmo
Universitá degli Studi di Napoliniversity of Ottawa    ITALY

Giuseppe Marmo received his PhD in Physics from the University of Naples where he has been Full Professor of Theoretical Physics since 1986. He is also the Coordinator of Scientific Series at the Bibliopolis Publishing House. His work has been published in leading Physics and Mathematics journals such as Physica Scripta, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical or Physical Review. Dr. Marmo is a member of the editorial board of Il Nuevo Cimento B, Reports of Mathematical Physics, Open Systems and Information Dynamics and International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics. He is also a former member of the Scientific Committee of the Erwin Schroedinger International Institute for Mathematical Physics in Vienna.


PROJECT: The main topic of our investigation will be: The Quantum-Classical Transition. From this point of view we shall consider, in particular: Quantum Mechanics on Phase Space, the Wigner-Weyl picture. The Tomographic Picture of Quantum Mechanics. Hilbert Manifolds as carrier spaces of quantum evolution. Composite Systems. Entaglement and separability for states and maps. Classical Tensors from Quantum States, within the geometrical formulation of Classical and Quantum Information Theory. We shall run a seminar on these topics, we expect to have many visitors for short periods, among them many of my collaborators. I shall also contribute to the PhD and master programme on "Ingenieria Matematica".

Stay Period: AUG 11 - FEB 12