Venkataraman Bhaskar

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Chairs of Excellence 2011

Venkataraman Bhaskar
University College of London    UK

Venkataraman Bhaskar holds a BA, MA and PhD in Economics from Madras University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Oxford, respectively. Currently he is Professor of Economics at University College of London. His previous appointments were with the University of Essex, University of St. Andrews, Princeton, Yale, and the Delhi School of Economics. Dr. Bhaskar’s research interests focus on microeconomic theory, industrial organization, game theory and contract theory, and economics of marriage and the family. He has published more than 30 articles in journals such as European Economic Review, Journal of Economic Theory or Games and Economic Behavior. He is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research, a member of the Editorial Board of the Review of Economic Studies and Associate Editor of the Berkeley Electronic Journals for Theoretical Economics.


PROJECT: The research will focus on gender relations in developing countries, using models from economic theory. One strand of research will explore the implications of the demographic transition for the balance of power between the sexes. Due to the age gap at marriage, a growth in the size of cohorts over time results in an excess supply of women, thereby reducing their bargaining power. Conversely, as fertility declines, cohort sizes fall, increasing the relative position of women. A second strand of research will explore the implications of marriage market considerations for parental investments. It will be specifically explored how marriage market imbalances or gender differences affect parental investments in boys as opposed to girls.

Stay Period: SEP 11 - FEB 12













Professor: Venkataraman Bhaskar
Tittle: Missing women. A marriage market perspective
Date: May 21, 2012 at 11:00h
Place: Getafe Campus

Conference video


  • Dynamic Moral Hazard, Learning and Belief Manipulation. V Bhaskar. University College London. April 2012.
  • The Demographic Transition and the Position of Women: A Marriage Market Perspective. V Bhaskar. Department of Economics, University College London. March 16, 2012.